Review the introduction video for RMvalues’s dedicated hosting servers. They’re the greatest hosting solution, a whole server used by you and you solely.

The dedicated hosting servers, on offer at RMvalues are based on validated and reliable hardware elements. In this manner you may enjoy a far more reliable server, equipped to power any type of sites or web applications. Our servers provide you with a choice of Linux distributions – CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu available at sign up. Also you can pick your web hosting control panel – cPanel, DirectAdmin or the Online Control Panel. You will also have a total root access for the dedicated server from the beginning. All of RMvalues’s dedicated servers come in our amazing USA based data center and offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

With each dedicated server you will additionally acquire free bonuses at over $400 of worth. You’ll get 3 complimentary dedicated IP addresses, a $300–worth billing panel as well as a $100 domain name reseller account.