The administration of all hosting-related factors is conducted using a software tool known as ‘Control Panel’. There are different brand names which provide more or less capabilities, but in general, they all permit you to control website files, to create e mail addresses and databases, to check out account usage statistics or the amount of traffic Internet site visitors have generated. You'll be able to perform these actions using buttons and menus, and you'll feel as if you’re managing your own computer or notebook. The billing part is commonly addressed via a different system, which could include domain name registrations too - if the company offers such services. In some cases, trouble tickets may be opened viathe same system, while in others, this may be executed via a different support interface, so you can end up working with 3 user interfaces with a single web hosting account.
Multilingual Control Panel in Cloud Web Hosting
Our cloud web hosting accounts are handled via Hepsia - an in-house built, all-in-one software tool which we have developed after many years of evaluating the habits of our clients and taking their feedback under consideration. What makes it totally different from similar tools available is that, aside from the typical file, e-mail and database management options, you could also renew your website hosting plan, order an upgrade, register and renew domain names or open support tickets without ever getting out of the tool. All these things are managed conveniently from one location, which shall save you time and shall make maintaining your presence online much simpler. Right-click context menus will offer you access to lots of advanced features, though Hepsia is simple and user-friendly enough to be used even by people without previous experience. You can pick the color scheme based on your taste and if you're not an English speaker, you could switch to any one of the other 15 languages that are available with only a click, among them Spanish, French, Chinese, Turkish, German, Russian and a lot more.
Multilingual Control Panel in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We offer you a multilingual, all-in-one CP that will allow you to manage everything from a single place, removing the need of working with different systems. It'snamed Hepsia and it was designed by our developers after taking into account all the feedback that we had received from our clients. Because of this, if you create a semi-dedicated server account with us, you shall receive a powerful, albeit easy-to-use software instrument with which you can manage not just your Internet hosting space, but also internet domain registrations, plan renewals, hosting upgrades and support tickets without getting out of your account. Practical right-click menus shall make you feel like you’re using your computer system, while comprehensive educational videos will show you first-hand all the options that you can use. Hepsia supports more than 15 languages - Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and Chinese, to mention just a few, and many others are on the way. Also you can change the color scheme with just a mouse click or rearrange the sections on the homepage and make it look just how you like.